General Questions

1How long does it take to build a custom home?
The easy answer is six months; however, this does not take into account the following: 1. Pre-building – The time of finalizing your house plans and obtaining surveys and permits. Obtaining permits in Walworth County can take up to three weeks. 2. The size and complexity of the home, i.e. a small ranch versus a two story with multiple roof lines. 3. Any changes made by the home owner during the building process can add to the total time frame. 4. Acts of God – Weather, for example, a very wet spring may hold up putting in the foundation.
2How much supervision will my house have during construction?
Frank Lazzaroni is not just the General Contractors, but is on the job site supervising and actually doing the building of your home or remodel project.
3Can you help us conscientiously remodel our existing home rather than build new?
Lazzaroni Builders, Inc has the knowledge and integrity to help you with this decision. We are happy to have you remodel your current home or build a new home. Together, we can guide you to the best option for your needs and financial circumstances.


1What is Square Foot Price?
We will quote a preliminary price per square foot range upon request but we would only be a ballpark estimate. The following elements contribute to the extent of price range: 1. Size of the home 2. Quality levels of material for basic construction, exterior materials, and finish materials. 3. Quality and number of amenities 4. Complexity of overall home design 5. The lot – access and slope of building site 6. Ancillary spaces – garage, deck(s), screen porch(es), sub-garage etc.
2How firm is the Contract Price? Can I make changes?
The Contract Price is Firm. However, and this true for all Custom Home Building Contractors, almost all custom home building customers will spend 10-20% more than they originally intended. The two things that will affect the final bottom line are the following: 1. Changes – Changes can be minimized by thorough pre-planning. Every change to your project will require your signature, insuring you will not be surprised with charges at the end of the project. 2. Allowance items – We will set reasonable Allowances for items such as flooring with a per square foot price you are comfortable to achieve your desires and quality level. This will help to insure you stay within your budget.


1How can we be sure the builder is financially secure?
We can put you in touch with our bank professional or area Title Companies – Chicago Title (Elkhorn or Lake Geneva) and Southeastern WI Title (Elkhorn).
2What kind of warranty should we expect on our custom home?
We warranty your custom built home for one-year. Product warranties are based on the manufacturer.
3Do you offer Interior Design Service?
We have local area contacts to assist with Interior Design.
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