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Step 2

The Bones

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Step 4

Finish Carpentry and Interior

We help you build a better tomorrow

If it seems that building a custom home is a project of great magnitude. It is. However, when taken step-by-step with the guidance and expertise of Lazzaroni Builders Inc., the process of building your dream home is made infinitely easier.

Step One: Planning

Architectural design: Lazzaroni Builders Inc can draft custom home designs or alter existing architectural plans.

Estimates: After design is chosen, cost estimates are charted for materials and labor.

Preparation of Property:
  • Survey needed for obtaining Building and other Permits. City lot owners must also have surveyor stake out the house on the lot.
  • Building permits are required from city, county, or township. This can take a number of weeks.
  • Clearing the lot of trees and readying the ground for foundation dig.
  • If outside of city, a well must be dug. If able to connect to septic system, that process is begun.

Step Two: The Bones

The concrete foundation is poured.

An additional survey of the foundation is required.

The structure of the home and garage is framed.

Windows must be ordered eight weeks in advance of installation—they are custom order items that are not returnable.

After color and style are chosen, siding it is installed.

Shingle color and style are chosen and installed.

Step Three: Sub-Contractors

Plumbing: Pipes and fixtures are roughed-in. Customer meets with plumber to choose fixtures.

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling is installed.

Electric: At the time of electrical rough-in, the electrician will meet with the customer for location of light fixtures.

Step 4: Finish Carpentry and Interior

Walls and ceiling are dry-walled. This is also subcontracted.

Chose trim wood type and stain color. Lazzaroni Builders installs finish carpentry such as trim, casing, crown molding, wainscoting, exposed beams, etc.

Location and types of flooring are chosen– hardwood, tile, carpet, or vinyl.

Ordering and installation of counters and cabinetry. Changes in layout can affect the rough-in plumbing and window locations both done earlier in the building process.

After appliances are chosen, we assist with installation.

We have local area contacts to assist with interior design.